Monday, 12 December 2011

Trees at Dusk

I enjoy observing the shades, shapes and textures of leaves that adorn trees, but there is something about a bare tree which always makes me stop and observe. Especially  when I see such trees in low light times, like at dawn or dusk, their personalities stands out. Each such sight calls for a painting to be created.

I stand tall and bare, With no more leaves to spare

I came across a few lines from a poem by Sara Teasdale,  called 'The Tree' and found them very touching.

Oh to be free of myself
With nothing left to remember,
To have my heart as bare
As a tree in December
Resting, as a tree rests
After its leaves are gone,
Waiting no more for a rain at night
Nor for the red at dawn


  1. no more leaves to spare - :(

    nice pic & short n sweet poem

  2. nominated u.

  3. Thanks magiceye
    Thanks Sujatha (when I created this line, even I found it sad but 'romantic' at the same time)

    Thanks Debajyoti - I feel honored to be nominated by you

  4. The bare and barren have their own tale to tell. Nice poem n observation

  5. THere are two sides to it. One, where it is lonely with nothing left. The other where , I feel, it is free from burden and though it stands alone, it stands with a peace of mind. Really nice :-)

  6. true! it does have a different effect!
    happy new year :)

  7. Thanks Rahul
    Ashwini - you summarized it so well, thanks
    Joshi daniel - thanks!


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