Sunday, 25 September 2011

Three Little Sparrows

Woke up in the morning and saw little sparrows sitting in my balcony, nibbling at the seeds. Very active and busy small creatures.
One Little
Two Little

Three Little Sparrows


  1. Wow!! Lovely shots!! Just last week a friend was talking about her bird feeder was attracting no birds! (In Bangalore.)
    Would love to see more such pictures!!

  2. @IHM - Thanks a lot. We are on the 12th floor and I had a doubt too. Last year I gifted this bird-feeder to my daughter on her birthday. Within days, we started getting so many sparrows.
    I had also got her a nesting box - no sparrows have made a home in that yet.

    You can see some more interesting pictures in my Ranthambore travelogue

    I am feeling encouraged to put more pictures of birds and other interesting things.

  3. Pictures of the nesting box please! Yes, I do love birds - specially, neighbourhood birds :) Would love to see more pictures.

  4. Nice picture. Please let me know where I can get such bird feeder and nesting box.



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