Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Picture Story - The Rotten Apple

This is a short story of the nok-jhok (silly fights) between a parrot couple (Zoom the pictures for better clarity). One fine day, Mr Parrot lovingly offers an apple to Mrs Parrot. But she does not like it and is upset.

Mrs Parrot - That apple was rotten. Couldn't you find a better one?
Mr Parrot - Forget about the apple now. Look at me, don't you like the rose ring around my neck. I have the best one among all my friends.
Mrs Parrot - No, I don't. I am going.

Mr Parrot - Stupid me, I should have tasted the apple beforehand. I am missing her terribly.

Mrs Parrot settles herself on a different tree.
Mrs Parrot (thinking to herself) - Huh, what does he think of himself. The best neck ring! Who cares?

Mrs Parrot - What takes him so long? He should have come by now, chasing me!

Mr Parrot arrives finally.
Mrs Parrot (heaving a sigh of relief) - Here, he comes. Thank God!

They settle themselves on a different branch.
Mr Parrot - I missed you sweetheart. Did you?
Mrs Parrot - Yeah, Alright
(after a few seconds) But how could you...I mean really how could you offer me a rotten apple? And then how come you took so long to find me?

Familiar, No?

The End


  1. Wives behave like wives. In all re-incarnations !

  2. What a cute photo story!! Was that a parrot's nest where she sat to wait for him?!! Loved the photographs!! Which camera do you use?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @IHM - thanks a lot.
    A bird lover's eyes are different from others' and it is obvious to me that you are one.
    I am using Canon PS SX230 HS


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