Monday, 24 October 2011

The Story of My Hair

Born with curly hair
Answer to mom's prayer
Who always kept it oiled
So it isn't spoiled

I was...her girl with the curls

The touch of her fingers
rubbing though each hair strand
She adorned my hair with ribbons
colorful clips or a hair band

I was...her girl with the curls

After I left school
I was expected to be cool
My short and trendy hair styles
Always got me smiles

I still was...her girl with the curls

My hair got playful and flirty
When I reached my thirty
My hair tied in a perfect bun, I was a pretty bride
She looked at me and her eyes filled with pride

Life became busy when I became a wife
Then two lovely kids came into my life
I still cared for my tresses
By staying away from stresses

I am a woman of my own
With years I have grown
While my hair has begun to turn grey
To my mother, I want to say

I was and I still am...her girl with the curls


  1. And boys with curls? As I child often I wished I had curly hair and not straight (like the wig worn by Shahrukh khan in dildaara song) :)
    Lovely poem!

  2. @ Thanks Sunil Deepak. Nice to know a man's viewpoint on curly hair :-)

  3. So beautiful. It is like my own story. Best of luck Bindu. I have participated too. I hope we all win. :)

  4. Your tale has no curls ...
    It is "straight" from the heart :-)

  5. very nice :) has a charm to it :D

  6. Loved the last para very much... I too have curly hair and I have grown to love it now. LOL

  7. touchy , well chosen magnificent words.
    best wishes.

  8. Poetry requires more intense research and phrasing. it's easy to pen down what comes to mind in a flow, but poetry is something tad tough and different.choosing the perfect rhyming word, is quite a task.
    kudos to your effort.
    hearty sincere wishes.

  9. Farila - Thanks a lot. To be frank, I like curly hair more, the reason, the soft and silky straight hair look attractive but it is the curls which add to the personality

  10. Pramod Ji - thanks a lot for your sincere encouraging comment. Best of Luck to you for the contest.

  11. Woah...this is something that has the right emotions to strike a cord somewhere. Very very very nice. All the very best:)

  12. how r ur kids hair?? theirs too curly?? curls are gud :)
    check my post at
    n u can also hit fb like over dere :)

  13. 'I was and still I am' very beautiful poem.. All the best to you..

    Someone is Special

  14. @ Someone is Special - Thanks so much. What you wrote in quotes seems like a good title for the poem :-)

  15. Really very interesting blog post :-) loved the post :-)


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