Friday, 14 October 2011

We have the same purpose in life - to write

Sketch pens have the same purpose in life - to write. But each color brings a different effect to the paper.

My daughter is fond of collecting sketch pens in as many colors as she can get. Multiple shades of green, blue, yellow, pink, brown, black - the more the merrier. In one of our trips to stationery shop, she requested me to buy a set of connector pens for her. After I said 'Yes', she picked the biggest pack with 50 pens. Must say, the pens have added a good fun and color to her life.

We bring color to your writing

The entire collection here
United we stand, Divided we fall
Thursday Challenge (writing tools)


  1. Kids always chooses the biggest pack! Love how colorful those pens are.

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. To write and make it colourful tooo :)
    lovely take


  3. You are one generous mother... :)

  4. Wow that does look beautiful. Agree with ES above.

  5. Still like to colour sometimes! ;)

  6. This is fantastic. I like the compositions.


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