Thursday, 3 November 2011

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground

I came across this quote written by Theodore Roosevelt and rather liked it.

This photograph has actually been clicked by my 4 year old son. It is interesting to see how the world appears when you are not tall enough to consider many things around you as unappealing or insignificant.

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  1. Yes, children have a different perspective always.

  2. a lovely picture .. and good to see the perspective from that height :) and age tooo


  3. good insight into the unseen

  4. He is very talented...I love the photo...Give my love to him:) :) :)

  5. It is true, a change of perspective and looking at the world as a small child, is a good way to rediscover things that we have forgotten ..

  6. Thanks Indrani, Bikram, Readitt, Saru and Sunil

    This is a picture adults would not bother to take. When I look at the innocence and freshness of kids, I feel like starting all over again :-)

    Saru - he was very happy when I told him an aunty has asked me to pass on her love and after some time he said "what about uncles?what did they say?"


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