Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A little more

At times I wish, at times I pray
To have more hours in my day
So much to do, listen and say
To live this life my special way

To walk with him on the shore
Or talk to mom a wee bit more
To help my kids at their studies
And spend more time with my buddies

A new recipe I could try
Or learn the art of growing bonsai
To wipe the dust off my book rack
To re-read an old paperback

To sip my tea at leisure
Would really be a pleasure
I'd sit and watch the rain
Or ride in a scenic train

I'd live life...a little more

To pen down some more words
Or listen to the birds
I'd paint a few more strokes
Or laugh at a few more jokes

I could spend an extra hour
Just to observe a flower
To click another snap
Or just steal a short nap

Look at the blue of the sky
Or just watch a bird fly by
I'd watch the setting sun
Or gaze at stars for fun

I'd live life...a little more

To stop and feed a stray pup
In cold, help it bundle up
I'd talk to little kids in rags
Buy them chocolates or school bags

To feel the breeze in my hair
Or whisper a little prayer
To learn to face my fears
Or wipe a few more tears

Joy to be spread, bonds to be built
Into my cup of life half-filled
I'd look for more magic to pour
And to let my little dreams soar

I'd live life...a little more


  1. Everyone love to live a little more...Nice thought and well written.

    village girl

  2. When I started reading it, I thought you just can't make up your mind as to how to spend two hours. Thats a common dilemma though. However, loved the ending part. Live a little more! Amazing. Best of luck. Lovely poem.

  3. Awesome rhymes! Keep up the good work! :-)

  4. Nicely penned down Bindu ji, love these lines...

    To help my kids at their studies
    And spend more time with my buddies

    It's a common issue to all the mothers. Good wishes for the competition.

  5. simply superb, Tennyson reborn. wow, 'or wipe a few more tears' simply astounding. The depth of the words, in itself have eternity engraved in them.
    kudo's to your talent.

  6. Such a nice, musical post... I could sing along the verses while reading... I appreciate the way you have written about the ordinary things in life that matter to each one of us... a nap, rain, tea, pictures... the things we somehow forget to value and think about. Your post brewed my tea with happiness and warmth... All I can say is that, after reading this post, I will live a little more :)

  7. A lovely poem coming straight from your heart.. loved reading your post

  8. So well expressed... all of use crave for extra time in life... 'wipe a few more tears'... i like that, may be I want to do that too. :)
    All the best Bindu.

  9. Lovely Bindu. It captures all the small things in life that we take for granted but perhaps the things that really count. Best of luck.

  10. Roopz - Thanks for dropping by and liking it.

    Ranting Indian - Thanks. Yes I talked about multiple small pleasures. When we are too rushed, these are the kind of things that take a hit.

    Anoop - Thanks!

    Indian Fashion Trends - Yes we mothers are always longing to do more for kids. Thanks.

  11. Pramod Ji - Thanks a lot. I must say that not only you blog but also comment from your heart :-)

    Anukriti - Thanks. When I came up with my first version and read it to my husband - my critic, he said it has rhymes but work on the rhythm. I actually tried to create a song thereafter.

    Farila - Thanks. Will be checking yours too.

    Indrani - Thanks.

    Swapna - Thanks.

  12. thoroughly enjoyed d poem...being one who shares the passion for poetry i found d lines quite simple, straight from your heart and so also unique..nice work :)

  13. little more,little more...thats so true..everyone behind that little more..i had read and promoted this post sometime back, but i just came back to read again.. :-)
    here is my take -
    do have alook

  14. Hey....That was awesome!
    I can relate to your poem...Our thoughts are similar....All the best for the contest :)

  15. a good flow of thoughts. the extension of life, well expressed

  16. Loved every bit of it... My eyes welled up by the end of it..... Heart touching!!!

  17. It is beautiful! more of a song actually.
    looking forward to read more of your work. :)

  18. the simple pleasures of life so beautifully told

  19. Malini - Thanks a lot. Glad you liked.
    Zardar - Thanks.
    Nikita - Thanks.
    Valli - Thanks your your wishes.
    Gopan K - Thanks for your encouraging comment

  20. Anisha - It was such a touching comment from you. I am humbled. Thanks!

    Zach George - Thanks. I actually tried to make a song, at times I feel like humming some lines to feel cheerful and positive :-)

    Sujatha - Thanks a lot for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment.

  21. To feel the breeze in my hair
    Or whisper a little prayer
    To learn to face my fears
    Or wipe a few more tears
    beautifully written...very well expressed

  22. Amazing poem..So many things to do and so little time...but will quest for more time end we have to make use of whatever we the best way possible :-)

  23. bindu, this is seriouly AMAZING..i honeslty feel youre a probable candidate to win the contest :)

  24. Hey Bindu, that's such a lovely poem! Living a little more! :)
    Do read my thoughts on this at and tell me what you think :)

  25. Rajnish Ji - Thanks so much.
    bemoneyawaye - Thanks. We need the planning and the right mindset to do those extra things :-)
    Zeba - Thank you so much.
    Joel - Thanks so much. Writing this gave me a lot of joy and this helps me not to worry about the contest results. Curious, though...

    Anonymous - Thanks. Will check yours.


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