Thursday, 26 July 2012

A beach inside the sea?

In June 2012, we took a trip to Bakkhali, which is a sea-side resort in West Bengal. The look of the sea here was different from my other visits to the sea (Goa, Pondicherry). The color of the water is grey. As I walked up to the sea side, the whole atmosphere looked grey - the grey sand, the grey sea water and the grey skies. While I was looking at the sea (my favorite pastime), I noticed something strange. While I was expecting to see the sea waves continously forming inside the entire sea, I saw some areas where there were no waves at all. I showed it to my husband, he told me it was a sandbar. I found it amazing - a beach in the middle of the sea?

Next morning when I walked up to the sea side, I saw that the land inside the sea was much bigger. I saw some people walking up to the land. This looked very interesting. After sometime, when my husband joined me at the sea-side, I asked him if we could walk up to that place. Sea had receded a lot in the morning. And the water was below our knees in our entire walk up to the land. It was quite a feeling standing on an island inside the sea.

So I checked in the wikipedia.  A sandbar or a shoal is a somwehat linear landform within or extending into a water body, typically composed of sand, silt or pebbles (Refer shoal on wikipedia)

There is a piece of land with no waves

People standing on the linear land (sandbar)

Thursday Challenge(Symmetry here)


  1. amazing this is..would love to visit that place. can you please tell me exact location of this place?
    waiting for your reply
    thanks a lot for sharing with us.
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