Monday, 23 July 2012

Supreme Birds

If I have to think of a bird of India which can be considered Supreme , two names come to my mind -
  1. Sarus Crane - the Tallest Flying bird in the world
  2. Indian Peacock (male) - the Largest (or shall I say longest) Flying bird
Sarus Crane is a personal favorite of mine and I have talked about it in my earlier post (here) and some of my other favorite birds in a different post (here).

The Indian male Peacock (technically female is called a peahen) is one of the prettiest birds of our country and has the status of being our national bird too.

Talking about its size, a peacock's length from bill to tail (beginning) is 100-115cm (40"-46") and from bill to the end of it's long tail is 195-225cm (78"-90"). The metallic blue colors and the green on the body are stunning, its fan shaped crest is attractive and its long train made up of elongated upper-tail covert feathers (which bear colorful eyespots)  is very impressive. During courtship, when the male spreads the tail in a fan-shape and quivers the feathers , it is quite a sight.
One for Beauty, Two for Joy!
Thursday Challenge (here)

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  1. wow!! they look amazing!! and thanks for all the info. i don't think, i would have known about them otherwise.

    i guess, i read the other post long back.


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