Thursday, 12 July 2012

We move, therefore we are!

Yesterday, I checked the theme for Photo Thursday was 'Movement'. I left my mind free to move and think.Various thoughts came to my mind. My love for the sea reminded me of the waves - the continuously forming and breaking waves. My interest in birds reminded me of the flight of the birds. When I looked at the trees, I thought about the wind. I cherished thinking about the waterfalls and even the water fountains. How about a child on a swing? The crabs on the sand leaving holes and imprints. A running deer!

 Life is all about movement. We move, therefore, we are!

Thursday Challenge here
Wave Motion
Movement into a hole

Imprints of the Movement


  1. Wonderful examples of movement! I particularly like the imprint patterns in the sand.

    My entry is HERE.

  2. Great pics, but I like the waves most of all.

  3. Hello again -

    Just following up since you inquired about the bird in the header photo on my blog. It is a Turkey Vulture and they are quite plentiful here. I offer you this article:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

  4. I liked the take on the topic.. indeed movement well shown in the waves .. beautiful pics


  5. Lovely examples of movement!

  6. you captured the theme so perfectly with all the pictures! good one :)

  7. @Lindy - Thanks. I really like to look at patterns in the sand along the beach. And thanks so much for sharing details about the Turkey Vulture. And for sharing a very good site about birds.
    @Frans54 - Thanks. I just love waves..
    @Bikramjit - thank you so much
    @Kati - Thanks. Glad you liked the examples.
    @Jidhu Jose - thank you

  8. The moments captured well. Loved the last shot!


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